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Claudie Wells Book 2: Adventures with Claudie Summary

Claudie's second book will be releasing this summer, on June 6, 2023! It is titled Adventures with Claudie. Here is the summary, courtesy of

"Claudie is thrilled to be on the road with Mama and Cousin Syndey, traveling from Harlem to Georgia to meet her grandmother and cousins for the first time. She's eager to learn her family's story, and her own, and she hopes to become inspired to write a play for a variety show she's planning back in Harlem. Claudie came up with the idea for the show when she, her family, and the boarders who share the house learned that they may be kicked out on the street if they can't pay the back rent that's overdue. In Georgia, Claudie is fascinated by an African legend her grandma tells her about The People Who Could Fly. In it, an old man whispers magic words into enslaved peoples' ears, and they grow wings! They rise up above the heads of their overseer and fly home to Africa. This story gives Claudie an amazing idea for the finale of her show but will Claudie's creativity be enough to save the boardinghouse she loves?"

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