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Connie Porter and Brit Bennett at American Girl Claudie Release

Addy Walker’s book series, written by Connie Porter, influenced Brit Bennett, who went on to write Claudie Wells’s series, to start telling stories and writing. To celebrate Claudie's release, Brit Bennett and her friends went to the American Girl store in New York City last night- as well as a very special guest- Connie Porter!

Connie is on the left holding Claudie, and Brit is on the right holding Addy.

Bonus picture: Brit and all of her friends with their American Girl shopping bags!

Brit's friend, music journalist Puja Patel, wrote this on Instagram: "First time going to the American Girl store was to celebrate Brit writing the story for their new character Claudie, a girl living in 1920s Harlem who’s trying to find her talent as she’s surrounded by artists. (It’s so good!🥹) We love Claudie and we love Brit!!! ❤️🎉"

Puja couldn't have said it any better. AGDN has nothing but love for Claudie and Brit.

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