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Courtney Book 2 Information

Yesterday, I found out via Kellen Hertz's Facebook page that Courtney's second book is releasing in March 2021. Now, I know more about the plot about the book from AG Publishing's website and the last page of Courtney's first book!

According to the Courtney Changes the Game Teacher's Guide, Courtney's second book will be titled Courtney: Friendship Superhero.

In an overview of the entire series on American Girl Publishing, it says this about the events of Book 2: "But life outside the arcade is complicated—her dad gets a new job and schedule, her stepsister becomes Courtney’s reluctant roommate, her mom starts a campaign for mayor, and her friend comes down with a frightening disease. It’s a whole new game for Courtney—and she’s trying to figure out the rules as she goes. Can Courtney power up her inner hero to meet the challenges ahead?" We can assume this frightening disease is AIDS, since the AIDS crisis was a big deal in the 1980's.

But that's not all! In one of the last pages of Courtney Changes The Game, a full summary of Friendship Superhero was posted. Here it is!

"Courtney's having an awesome summer with her friends! She and Sarah have sleepovers almost every night. They go to the mall with Kip, ride bikes, watch movies, and swim in Courtney's pool. But the arcade is still Courtney's favorite place to be. That's where she meets Isaac. He's even better at video games than Courtney. She tells him about her made-up hero, Crystal Starshooter, and Isaac has gnarly ideas to add to Courtney's game world. The two become good friends, and Isaac starts hanging out with Kip and Sarah, too. When an issue with Isaac comes between Courtney and Sarah, Courtney doesn't know what to do. Can she support her new friend without losing her best friend?"

TLDR: Typical Girl of the Year friendship story, but with the AIDS crisis in the backdrop.

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I wonder if it’s the new friend that ends up with it. Being that book 2 brings Courtney a new friend....


Yeah it’s possible to get it from bad blood! That’s my thought. That would be SO sad, if one of her friends is in medical need of blood and got AIDS from a blood transfusion. Starting to dread reading her second book😢


Sep 26, 2020

Kind of predicted a character this modern would start to feel like a GOTY. It's fun, but it hardly feels historical aside from some shallow 1980's references that aren't all accurate (like the scrunchies).


@sherjv A boy from Indiana named Ryan White received a blood transfusion and contracted HIV in 1984. I remember reading his story when I was in grade school in the 80s. Look him up, I’m guessing they might be basing some of the Courtney book off his story.


@sherjv well AG does things to raise awareness, so most likely what you said.

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