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Courtney Moore: American Girl 1980's Historical Collection Rumors

AGDN reader Poolie1818 shared that on Facebook, some rumored items for the new 1980's Historical Character, Courtney Moore's collection, were posted. These items are as follows:

  • A Care Bears nightgown and sleeping bag. Over 40 million Care Bears were sold between 1983 and 1987, so it makes sense for Courtney to have a homage to them in her collection. Just Play, a company associated with Mattel, owns the rights to the Care Bears franchise, so this also fits the bill.

This is an example of a vintage 1980's Care Bears nightgown and sleeping bag.

Lisa Frank school supplies. These school supplies became popular in the mid-'80s, so it also makes sense for Courtney to have them.

These are a set of Lisa Frank school supplies from the 1980s.

  • Pac-Man arcade game and lunchbox. It's obvious Courtney's going to like Pac-Man since it was among the most popular video games in the '80s. An arcade game is pretty cool, and her having a matching lunchbox is also cool since it reflects Courtney's gaming interest.

  • Courtney will also have a makeup kit called a Caboodle. Caboodles were released in 1987, so maybe she'll get it in her second book, which will most likely take place in 1987.

  • Lastly, Courtney will have Christmas items in her collection. Pretty exciting!

What do you think about this collection lineup? I'm mixed about it. Courtney seems to be following a similar formula to Maryellen's collection- releasing items that are nostalgic to parents and don't have anything to do with the doll's story. It makes sense with the Pac-Man stuff since Courtney does like it, but the other items seem to be reaching a bit. Fun fact: Maryellen only went to a diner for one sentence in Taking Off and never was particularly interested in her fridge. Guess what AG made before making more items specific to Maryellen's personality? Diners and fridges. I'll excuse this strategy right now since AG is in need of a safe hit like Courtney, but later when the company is more financially stable, I'd recommend tapping into Courtney's personality- not nostalgia- for her collection.

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