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Date for New Truly Me Meet Outfits (and other products)

Rumors have started circulating that the next Truly Me release will be on September 1. This new release will most likely feature not only meet outfits, but a bunch of new Truly Me dolls!

Another rumor is circulating that this release will feature a collaboration with the Harry Potter franchise for Truly Me. Mattel bought the toy rights to Harry Potter from Warner Brothers some time ago, and this is the first licensed collaboration with American Girl and another brand.

I am so excited to see the new Truly Me dolls, but am disappointed that American Girl chose to collaborate with Harry Potter due to the author of the Harry Potter books, JK Rowling's attacks on the LGBT community, especially transgender women. While I understand that Mattel owns the rights to Harry Potter toys and JK Rowling won't be making money off of this collaboration, it still is hurtful considering the hateful attacks on the LGBT community and transgender people this year. I won't be buying any of the Harry Potter items, but someone on Instagram said that if you do, you could match the cost of the item and donate it to a charity supporting transgender people, especially women and youth. Or just donate, even if you aren't going to buy anything: I did!

Here is a list of charities you can support:

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