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Doll of the Month January 2024: Felicity!

Felicity Merriman is the first Doll of the Month of 2024!

Felicity Merriman is from Williamsburg, Virginia during the Revolutionary War in 1774. Felicity lives in a large family and is expected to do "sitting down kinds of things", but her true dream is to ride horses, which comes to a head when Felicity finds her own horse, Penny. As the war between the colonies and England rages on, Felicity is able to find herself - and her own independence. Felicity was released in 1991, made an online-exclusive in 2002, brought back to to catalogs in 2005, retired in 2011, rereleased in 2017, re-retired in 2019, and brought back for a limited time in 2021 for American Girl's 35th anniversary.

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