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Doll of the Week: Just Like You #15!

Just Like You #15 is the Doll of the Week this week!

Just Like You #15 was released in 1995. She has the Classic face mold, black textured hair and brown eyes. Her first meet outfit was the Mix and Match outfit and her last one was the I Like Your Style Outfit. She was retired in 2007.

P.S: Sorry for forgetting yesterday!

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Dec 17, 2019

I have this doll 😍 I named her Isabelle (Izzy). She came with a gray, red, and blue striped hoodie shirt, a red/blue reversible vest and a long navy skirt, but I couldn’t tell you which year I got her.


Actually, if this doll's hair wasn't textured, I believe that she looks a lot like what Joss will look like!


Dec 16, 2019

I happened to find this doll at a thrift store. Unfortunately her hair is very badly damaged. Knowing she's rare, I'm not sure if I should send her to the doll hospital for a new textured wig, or re-wig her with a different one I already have. I was hoping her hair could be fixed but all indications would seem that's a nope.


I love how textured her hair is!

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