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Doll of the Week: Just Like You #24!

Just Like You #24 is the Doll of the Week this week!

Just Like You #24 was released in 2004. She has the Classic mold, blond hair, brown eyes and freckles. She is similar in looks to Kai. Her first meet outfit was the Ready for Fun Outfit. Just Like You #23 is still available.

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I may just be out of the loop, but who exactly is Kai?


Kate's Dollhouse
Kate's Dollhouse
Mar 23, 2020

My friend's sister has her! She looks lovely.


You know, if you have to stay in the house, I can't think of a better way than to be cooped up with your dolls! Stay safe everyone! And remember "This too shall pass"..


In my opinion, she is prettier than Tenney, so I didn't get Tenney! Just dressed her in some of Tenney's clothes (which were really cute!)

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