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Doll of the Week: Molly!

This week's Doll of the Week is Molly!

Molly is from the American home front during World War II in 1944. She was released in 1986 and retired in 2013, only to be brought back in 2018 as a Costco exclusive. A limited-edition 35th-anniversary edition was available in 2021. She has the Classic mold, brown hair, and gray eyes.

A fun fact about Molly is that her best friend doll, Emily, wasn't even her best friend! In her book series, Molly has two best friends, Linda and Susan. Instead of choosing between Linda or Susan, American Girl decided to make a doll out of Emily, who only appeared in Happy Birthday, Molly, and gave her an expanded role in Molly's movie and mystery books. She also is the only doll characterized as wearing glasses (Z just uses hers as an accessory).

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Love the Molly books. My other sister has Molly her first and favorite.



I agree that every other best friend doll was truly the main character's best friend. The books were written far in advance of the best friends so American Girl did not know they would be making best friend dolls …


I think they picked Emily so that they could show both sides of WWII! We see that children in the United States are effected because their parents may be fighting overseas or that their mothers may be helping at home in the war effort - but we are not being bombed so children didn't fear the war in the same way they did in other parts of the World. By introducing Emily they can show the effects of the war in Europe.

So, while I agree that she was not Molly's best friend - they had a good reason to pick her besides the fact that they only wanted to make one doll.

I love Molly, she was my first…

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They made Julie and Ivy (the movie) in 2017

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