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Doll of the Week: Nicki!

Nicki is the Doll of the Week this week!

Nicki was released in 2007. She has the Classic mold, caramel curly hair, light skin, freckles and blue eyes. She came in a white blouse, teal skirt, and brown boots. Nicki was the Girl of the Year for 2007.

Nicki lived on her family's ranch outside Denver, Colorado and was interested in many activities, including skiing and horseback riding. She struggled with taking on too many challenges and not being able to say "no", and this led to her training a service dog named Sprocket while her mom was pregnant with twins. Over time, she falls in love with Sprocket, and her second book, Thanks to Nicki, was mainly about her feelings about letting him go.

Nicki sold out on December 13, 2007.

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