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Doll of the Week: Rebecca!

Rebecca is the Doll of the Week this week!

Rebecca was released on May 31, 2009. She has the Josefina mold, brown curly hair, light and hazel eyes. She came in a red coat and skirt from 2009 to 2014 and a purple coat and skirt from 2014 onwards. She was the first Jewish Historical Character and the second Jewish character overall, following 2001's Girl of the Year, Lindsey Bergman.

Rebecca lives in New York City in 1914 with her Mama, father Louis, older sisters Sadie and Sophie, older brother Victor, younger brother Benny, Grandpa, Bubbie, Aunt Fannie, Uncle Jacob, and cousins Josef, Michael and Anna. In Meet Rebecca, she attempts to raise money for her cousin Ana and her family to move to America from Russia. Once Ana arrives in Rebecca and Ana, Rebecca has to subdue her desire for being the center of attention when Ana, who can't speak English well, performs in a show with her. In Candlelight for Rebecca, Rebecca is forced into making Christmas decorations since it's seen as an 'American holiday', but finds something to do with her decorations to make a difference in someone's life. In Rebecca and the Movies, her cousin Max lets Rebecca go to a movie set for her tenth birthday, but she ends up starring in the movie- and having to show her parents what acting means to her. In Rebecca to the Rescue, Rebecca and Ana escape the boys in their family by getting lost in Coney Island- but Ana goes missing, and Rebecca has to find her. Finally, in Changes for Rebecca, once Rebecca discovers the harsh conditions Ana's father and brother have to face at the factory she works at, she sets out to try to improve conditions for her family.

Rebecca is still available.

P.S: Today's my last day of summer. I'm starting online classes tomorrow, so I'm not that happy about that. At least I don't have to physically go back to school until January...

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2 commentaires

21 août 2020

Im so happy I moved schools because in my old one they are doing full in-class (NOOOO) but in my new one we are doing online :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD Anyways I hope you have a better experience with zoom than I have :/


17 août 2020

good luck in school! :D

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