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Every American Girl Doll Nickname

We all know the American Girl doll’s names, but did you know some of them have nicknames? Here are all of the American Girl doll’s nicknames:

Kaya- Magpie (a nickname given to her after she raced her horse after looking after her brothers… Kaya hates this nickname!) Kaya is also short for Kaya'aton'my, which means "She Who Arranges Rocks".

Felicity- Lissie

Elizabeth- Lizzie, Bitsy (by her sister Annabelle… she hates this nickname!)

Josefina- Josefina is her middle name! Her full name is Maria Josefina Montoya Romero.

Cécile- Cécé

Marie-Grace- Tie-Marie, Marie the Great, Marie

Addy- Addy is short for Aduke.

Samantha- Sam

Nellie- Miss Nellie O’Malley All-Mended

Rebecca- Beckie

Kit- Kit is a nickname! Her real name is Margret Mildred Kittredge.

Ruthie- Ruthie is a nickname! Her real name is Ruth Ann Smithens. She also is called Goofy Ruthie.

Nanea- Nanea is her middle name! Her full name is Alice Nanea Mitchell.

Maryellen- Ellie, Sport

Melody- Dee-Dee, Baby Chick

Julie- Cool Hand Albright, Alley Oop, Jules, Sport

Courtney- Court

Nicki- Snicker

Isabelle- Iz, Izzy

Lea- Cricket

Tenney- Tenney is short for Tenneyson

Z- Z is short for Suzanne and Suzie

Luciana- Luci, Lulu, Lucita, Astro-Luci

Blaire- Sprout

Joss- Joss is short for Jocelyn

Kira- Bean

Corinne- Mei-Ling (Chinese name, Corinne is her English name), Cori

Gwynn- Guang (Chinese name, Gwynn is her English name), Gwynnie

Makena- Kay

Evette- Evie

Maritza- Itza

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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