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Girl Gets American Girl Doll Customized To Have Matching Scars

Isabella Proffit was born prematurely and has undergone five surgeries in her short life, with scars to show for it. But thanks to Krista Swan, an artistic Child Life specialist at the children's hospital in New Orleans Lousiana, her Create Your Own American Girl doll, Bells, now has scars to match her owner's. The doll even got her own "hospital visit", where she 'drank' juice, got her blood pressure 'taken', got weighed, and experienced everything Isabella went through before getting her matching scars.

I don't share stories involving children and American Girl dolls as often as I used to, because I'm used to years of headlines of the same story with a different kid. But the stories of girls with disabilities or health conditions getting their dolls customized to look like them- I love them. Not because it's inspirational, but it just shows the lengths girls have to go through for a bit of representation, and the impact it can have on a child. Representation matters, toy companies. I can't wait until children everywhere can easily find a toy that looks like them, but until then, I will keep spreading awareness of this need in the toy and doll industry.

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