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Girl of the Year 2025 Summer McKinny Apperance Theories

It's not even 2024 yet, Lila won't be out for another three weeks, but Sydney did some research about the trademarked 2025 name, Summer McKinney, and has some apperance theories!

"According to a name statistics website I found, Summer was a popular name for girls born in the early to mid 2010s, around the time period Summer would be born if she was Girl of the Year in 2025. Heck, I even named a Truly Me 'Summer' in 2015, and if Summer is 10 years old, she would have been born that year!

Race wise, 75% of girls named Summer are European/White, while 14% of girls named Summer are African/Black and 5% are Hispanic/Latina, with Asian and multiracial only polling at 2% each. It could be possible that Summer will be our first Black Girl of the Year since Gabriela in 2017, and we can take the first name with a grain of salt - after all, on the same website, only 2% of girls named Corinne are Asian. Her last name, McKinny, however, supports these exact chances, with 69% of people with the last name McKinny being of European descent and 27% of people with this last name being of African descent.

With these theories, there are two plausible outcomes for what Summer will look like. One - she's White, specifically Irish (as McKinny is an Irish last name) with red hair. Or two - she's Black, and presumably has brown or black hair. As for what hair type she'll have, I'll have to see what Lila looks like to accurately make a prediction. If Lila has straight hair, Summer is for sure having wavy or curly hair. If Lila has curly hair, however, Summer will probably have straight or wavy."

What do you all think?

Have a great day!


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