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Happy Birthday, Nanea!

Today is Nanea's birthday. She was born this day in 1932, which makes her 92 today!

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Isn't it a coincidence that Nanea and Molly both have April birthdays? there are so many similarities between them.

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Sorry. Having a little trouble with the math. So is Nanea's birthday April 11 and Maritza's April 10?

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Happy Birthday Nanea 🎂Have a great day.

Marilyn and Marion

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happy b-day nanea! my third fave ag girl! :D

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I really love Nanea too! While Molly’s stories deal with Europe like the Nazis and the Blitz, Nanea’s stories deal with the Pacific like the Pearl Harbor bombing and the anti-Japanese sentiment. Although the Nanea doll is depicted as having very long hair, in book illustrations Nanea is depicted with having medium length hair typical in the 40’s.

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