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I Finally Made An AGSM After Eleven Months.

Anxiety. Depression. Self-doubt. Thinking that you’ll never be able to make a good AGSM ever again. Thinking that you’re over AGSMs because you’re trying to have a real film career now. Those all played in to why I haven’t filmed an AGSM since March 2021. For reference, it is February 2022, eleven months later.

I honestly thought I was done with AGSMs. But I thought to myself today, “I want to film!” So I did.

The video is linked here!

The only thing that changed was one realization. I realized that AGTube isn’t for a huge career or a big cinematic masterpiece. I was putting that pressure on myself after I made Rebelle that if I were to make more stopmotions, they’d have to be just as good. But matching something that wasn’t even meant to be an AGSM in the first place but happened to be made that way as what they call a “proof of concept” in the film industry would be impossible to do with something that was intended just for dolls. And to me, that was fine. Actually, that was more than fine, because it finally lifted the pressure I had been feeling since June 13, 2020 and gave me a new appreciation for my years of AGSM creation.

AGSMs are supposed to be fun. They’re not supposed to be the greatest movie of all time, and that’s okay. They’re just supposed to be simple stories of living life and having fun, and those stories, while they sometimes aren’t worthy of a huge cinematic production, are still worth telling. Not to mention that to me, the dolls add a sense of authenticity to that concept!

I forgot how fun it was to film. I obviously haven’t given up on making Rebelle a real live-action movie or becoming a director for real, but I feel as if I keep on making time for fun doll videos along with more serious projects, not only will I get to let loose a little more, but I’ll improve as a filmmaker.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video!

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