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I Made Some American Girl Doll Memes

If you know me personally, you know that I love memes. I don't really show that side of me on here, since this is mostly an AG updates and news blog, but the half of my camera roll that isn't doll photos and dog photos are memes. I make them all the time, and even have an account for Miraculous Ladybug memes. (Follow it on Instagram at if you're into Miraculous!)

Anyways, one of my favorite meme templates is the "Spider-Man Pointing at Spider-Man" template. I like Spider-Man a lot, he's probably my favorite in Marvel, so it's only natural I find it very funny. Basically, the meaning of this template is comparing 2 things that look a LOT alike or are similar. You put one thing on one Spider-Man, and another on one Spider-Man. There's even a version with 3 Spider-Men!

My Christmas elves recreated the meme this morning to celebrate the release of the new Spider-Man movie, so I figured I'd make some actual memes to compare American Girl dolls that look alike!

What do you guys think? This will probably be a one-time occurrence on my blog, since like I said, I normally just post news and updates and keep the memes to the group chat I have with my sister and my sister's friend who works at AG Nashville (hi Janelle!) but I couldn't resist the urge to post the memes :)

Happy No Way Home day! Stay safe from spoilers!

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