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Joss Kendrick's Gift Trunk Set

Joss is now on the American Girl site along with her world! American Girl also released two Joss options for the Gift Trunks.

This is the Adventure pack: Joss's Surf and Swim Outfit, Joss's Bulldog and Life Vest and the Joss and the Secret Cove story starter.

This is the Confidence pack: Joss's Cheer Competition Outfit, Joss's Nfinity Backpack Set and the Joss Flies Higher story starter.

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2002lcilley the accessories that are part of the gift bundle come with it, but if you want other accessories from Joss's collection you will have to buy them separately (I think).


Does the dolls accessories come with the trunk or do you have to purchase them separatel?


Jan 01, 2020

Cool! I've already made a gift trunk with Joss's stuff in it. I kinda want two gift trunks, one with Joss and one with Truly Me 79.


Well, I am heading for the Charlotte store today! I wasn't sure if I wanted or needed another doll, but reading all of Sydney's blogs convinced me to get Joss! But, I want to pick her out myself! Happy and Healthy New Year everyone!!

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