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Joss's Collection is On It's Way Out!

Joss's book series was recently added to American Girl's Last Chance Sale page. This means that it will be retiring soon... which means that Joss herself will be retiring soon.

To be honest, we all saw this coming. At my local AG store, Joss isn't even in the GOTY section anymore with Corinne and Kira: just in a small corner near it.

Here are all the Joss items that are still available that you can grab while you can!


  • Joss doll and book set

  • Joss's Accessories

  • Joss's Beach Grill Set

  • Joss's Wetsuit (AG Rewards)

  • Joss's Surfboard Set

  • Joss's Cheer Team Jacket (AG Rewards)

  • Joss's Cheer Practice Outfit


  • Sea Lion Pup

  • Joss's Cheer Competition Outfit

  • Joss's Nfinity Cheer Backpack Set

  • Book series

  • Girl items

Make sure to get Joss if you want her before she goes away forever!

P.S: Unfortunately, no new items were released today. Hopefully soon...

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