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Kaya's Story: Doll of the Month July 2022

Here's a little bit about the story of Kaya'aton'my, the Doll of the Month for July 2022!

Kaya's story starts in the Pacific Northwest in 1764. She loves riding her horse Steps High, but after rashly racing Steps High instead of taking care of her siblings, she earns the nickname "Magpie", which Kaya despises. Once enemy tribes invade Kaya's village, Kaya is instructed to help her blind sister Speaking Rain out, but Kaya, Speaking Rain and Steps High get captured and Kaya escapes alone. Kaya misses her sister a lot, and befriends a warrior woman named Swan Circling. However, Swan Circling is killed, which hurts Kaya, and the other kids are still calling her Magpie. Kaya turns to befriending a lone dog that arrives in her village and watches as the dog gives birth to puppies, including her puppy Talto. Soon, a Native American tribal gathering in the Celilo Falls arrives, and Kaya uses this to finally find Speaking Rain. Finally, Kaya hears of horses running wild in the mountains, and she jumps at the chance to see Steps High again, but has to face a wildfire to do so.

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