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List of Every American Girl Doll's Moms

Happy Mother's Day! In honor of today's holiday, here is a list of the names of every American Girl doll's mom:

-Kaya: Eesta

-Felicity: Martha Merriman

-Elizabeth: Unnamed Cole

-Caroline: Mama Abbott

-Josefina: Maria Montoya (deceased)

-Cecile: Aureila Rey

-Marie-Grace: Mama Gardner (deceased)

-Kirsten: Greta Larson

-Addy: Ruth Walker

-Samantha: Lydia Parkington (deceased)

-Nellie: Unnamed O'Malley (deceased)

-Rebecca: Vera Rubin

-Claudie: Mrs. Wells

-Kit: Margaret Kittredge

-Ruthie: Lily Smithens

-Nanea: May Mitchell

-Molly: Helen McIntire

-Emily: Mum Bennett

-Maryellen: Kay Larkin

-Melody: Frances Ellison

-Julie: Joyce Albright

-Ivy: Marilyn Ling

-Courtney: Maureen D'Amico

-Isabel and Nicki: Robin Hoffman

-Lindsey: Unnamed Bergman

-Kailey: Unnamed Hopkins

-Marisol: Elise Luna

-Jess: Unnamed McConnell

-Nicki: Joan Fleming

-Mia: Eve St. Clair

-Chrissa: Meg Maxwell

-Lanie: Ava Holland

-Kanani: Unnamed Akina

-McKenna: Unnamed Brooks

-Saige: Mariana Copeland

-Isabelle: Nancy Palmer

-Grace: Karen Thomas

-Lea: Unnamed Clark

-Gabriela: Tina McBride

-Luciana: Unnamed Vega

-Blaire: Maggie Wilson

-Joss: Unnamed Kendrick

-Kira: Unnamed Bailey

-Corinne and Gwynn: Judy Karlsson

-Kavi: Neena Sharma

-Tenney: Georgia Grant

-Logan: Marlene Everett

-Z: Michelle Yang

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