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Meet My New Dolls!

I visited the American Girl store today and finally, they had 83 and 85 in stock! I got them, of course. Here they are:

This is Ashley Taylor, my 83. Ashley loves cute things, anime, manga and sparkles. She is from California and dreams of studying abroad in Japan someday. Despite her soft personality, Ashley is not one to be messed with and can get pretty passionate about helping her friends.

This is Carrie Kramer, my 85. Carrie is interested in fashion design and creation, and is also an aspiring author. She loves writing stories that reflect who she is and her hopes and dreams for the future. She also has a soft spot for kittens and other animals.

What do you think about Ashley and Carrie? I love them both and am thrilled to add them to my collection!

P.S: Happy 4th of July to my American followers! Please be mindful of animals and disabled people like myself who are sensitive to loud noises and don't blast more fireworks than usual because of the pandemic.

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