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More About Courtney!

Courtney "had" a Q&A on American Girl's social media today! Here are all the new details we learned about her thanks to this:

-Courtney's favorite song is Overtime by Heather. A song that doesn't exist. Nice, Courtney.

-Courtney and Sarah have been in the same class since kindergarten.

-Courtney's dad's new job is in Bellington, California.

-Courtney's favorite foods are her dad's homemade waffles and Sarah's mom's cookies.

-Courtney's favorite games besides Pac-Man are Gorilla Run and Space Blasters.

-Courtney named her guinea pig Parsley because she loves to eat parsley.

-Courtney's full name is Courtney Deborah Moore.

-Courtney likes swimming, roller skating and biking.

-Courtney's favorite holiday is Halloween.

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