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More Photos of American Girl Dallas

American Girl shared more photos of the new store in Dallas that just opened this morning - here they are!

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Girl of the Year Rumors That Turned Out To Be False

Hey guys! Sorry for the post so late at night - I’m sure most of you guys won’t be seeing this until the morning tomorrow, but I figured I’d post anyway. I was thinking about some of the false rumors


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I love how it looks like an epic doll house inside. We've never had a chance to visit an AG store, but the pictures look charming.


wow it looks so cool!! :D


There is an image of Meet Kit in the Pleasant Company style book cover! I love it!❤️😍😊 Since Kit was released under Mattel but had the same title as the first six original characters (unlike Kaya and the rest of the others) I often wondered what her books would have looked if they were released under Pleasant Conpany. Now I am seeing it!

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