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My Mom Tries To Describe American Girl Movies

Me and my sister decided to do the American Girl movie challenge on a new challenger: my mom.

Disclaimer: My mom knows nothing about American Girl dolls.

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday: Samantha is a little girl who tries to make everybody believe in Santa Claus. Takes place in the 1820's.

Felicity: An American Girl Adventure: Felicity is a girl that has a best friend that is a horse. She's trying to prove that girls can do anything. Takes place in the 1920s.

Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front: Molly is trying to make America cool through cheerleading. Takes place in the 1960s.

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl: Kit is a detective with her bloodhound dog partner. She solves local mysteries and helps the community. Takes place in the 1950s.

Chrissa Stands Strong: Chrissa is a girl who stands up against bullying.

McKenna Shoots for the Stars: Hi! I'm McKenna! I think everything's so wonderful and I'm cheerful all the time. My smile brings other people smiles.

Saige Paints The Sky: Saige has hippie parents and she is a free-spirit who likes to express herself through painting.

Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight: Isabelle is an original TikToker who wants to become famous through her TikTok dances.

Grace Stirs Up Success: Grace is obsessed with Paris and she is trying to have bake sales to raise money for a trip to Paris. She is a fan of Miraculous and wants to meet Chat Noir.

Lea to the Rescue: Hi! I'm Lea! I can solve mysteries with my camera.


Melody 1963: Love Has to Win: Melody and her mom are both fans of music. Melody is trying to become a singer-songwriter and dancer for American Bandstand.

Maryellen 1955: Extraordinary Christmas: Maryellen is trying to bring Christmas cheer to her town by overdecorating her home with Christmas lights. Her goal is to make you able to look at her house lit up while passing through an airplane.

Ivy and Julie 1976: A Happy Balance: Ivy and Julie are best friends who are total opposites. Julie is a hippie free-spirit and Ivy is very structured and by-the-book, which makes a perfect friendship. Their goal is to help bring the Asian holiday spirit to Ivy's neighborhood.

Summer Camp: Friends For Life: These three strangers met at summer camp. They wrote a few songs and danced around the summer camp singing like in Camp Rock.

Rebelle (again, did this one as a joke): Beautifully written, a unique film with a plot twist. Go watch this- a must see.

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