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To be fair, I was planning on playing an April Fool's joke on you all today. But American Girl started two big sales- the one covered in the last post and this one- so it just felt unfair for me to do that to you guys when there's real news to cover that sounds like an April Fool's joke... such as the April monthly sale consisting of nearly every American Girl big ticket item!

I swear, I'm not lying. Check out the AG website for proof.

Now that you all trust me, here are the sale prices!

  • Student Council Election Set- $40 (was $50)

  • All Star Hockey Set- $60 (was $75)

  • Courtney's TV and Fitness Accessories- $70 (was $100)

  • Maryellen's Seaside Diner Bakery Case- $76 (was $95)

  • The Community Center Accessory Set- $80 (was $100)

  • Kira's Animal Exam Table- $100 (was $125)

  • Corinne's Ski and Snack Shop- $120 (was $150)

  • Rebecca's Bed and Bedding- $120 (was $150)

  • Melody's Upright Piano- $120 (was $150)

  • Day at AG Cafe Set- $126 (was $180)

  • Room for Two Trundle Bed- $128 (was $160)

  • Julie's Groovy Bathroom- $156 (was $195)

  • WellieWishers Playhouse- $175 (was $250)

  • American Girl Pink RC Car- $180 (was $225)

  • Kira's Comfy Platform Tent- $180 (was $225)

  • Courtney's Bedroom Set- $180 (was $225)

  • American Girl Coffee Shop- $196 (was $280)

  • Melody's Recording Studio- $200 (was $250)

  • American Girl Air Lines- $220 (was $275)

  • American Girl Kitchen- $220 (was $275)

  • Corinne and Gwynn's Bedroom Set- $280 (was $350)

  • Maryellen's Seaside Diner- $280 (was $350)

These deals are awesome! If you want, take advantage of this sale to buy a new big ticket item! I'm not going to AG tomorrow because I'm going on a day trip to Knoxville for a comic con then to meet more of the Miraculous cast, but this sale lasts the whole month, so I'll see which one of Corinne's BTIs will fit my new doll room better once it's all set up!

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