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New American Girl Books!

American Girl has some new and exciting books releasing this fall! Here they are!

American Girl is first releasing two new Smart Girl's Guide books: one brand-new and an updated version of a classic.

The first (new) one is A Smart Girl's Guide to Making A Difference:

'Girls have the power to make a difference, whether that's in their own lives, their community, or even the world! But it can be confusing to know where to start. From protecting our planet to helping animals to saying hello to someone who seems lonely, this book offers young readers lots of ideas -- big and small -- on how to spark change. The quizzes, tips, and inspiration from other girls will help her identify her talents, skills, and the causes she cares about most. Then she can find ways to take action and become a change-maker!"

This seems like a cool book for girls to learn how to make a change in the world!

The second one is A Smart Girl's Guide to Crushes, an update to A Smart Girl's Guide to Boys.

"Whether parents like it or not, romance is a part of girls' everyday lives. They see it in the media and hear about it from their friends and older family members. They may be having feelings they're not even sure how to define. It's all very exciting, but also very confusing for girls. This book helps answer all the questions popping up in her head: How can you tell if a person likes you? How do you tell someone you like them? What if you haven't had a crush yet? And, ugh, what about rejection? It includes tips and quizzes, plus age-appropriate and honest advice on navigating social situations and, most importantly, staying true to herself through any relationship."

Wow, American Girl. You're finally acknowledging that everyone isn't straight! Beautiful!

Both of these books are going to release on August 24, 2020.

American Girl is also partnering with Weldon Owen to have an American Girl historical character-inspired coloring and activity book entitled American Girl: Inspiring Stories From the Past: Coloring and Activity.

"Journey to the past with the American Girl historical characters in this official coloring and activity book.

American Girl historical characters have been changing the world in bold and exciting ways. From Kaya escaping captivity in another tribe in 1764 to Julie joining the boys’ basketball team in 1974, these courageous, smart, and spirited historical characters from the American Girl line have inspired girls to fearlessly express themselves. Learn about each of these amazing girls through their entertaining scenes and engaging activities focused on their lives and experiences. Recreations of the beautiful artwork from their most popular books give young artists the chance to bring these historical characters to life. Be inspired by American Girl!"

This will be so much fun to color and do activities in! I may be 15, but you're never too old for a coloring book.

This is releasing on September 15.

How are we feeling about these new books, AGDN readers? Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on all of them!

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The "Making a Difference" book looks so fun and I love the diversity on both covers!


i LOVE the diversity on the cover of the first book!! i think especially with what’s happening around us it will inspire girls to take action and stand up for themselves. The second book is also AMAZING and i’m so happy to finally see a bit of possible LGBT representation with AG, i’m hoping they’ll have a character in the future that isn’t straight or cis- that would be awesome!


May 31, 2020

I quite like the first book! I also really like the cover, with so much diversity! :) I also can't wait for the colouring book!!


May 30, 2020

the coloring book sounds so cool! :D


Is October 1 the doll release date For Courtney too or is that August

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