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New American Girl Books: Kavi and WellieWishers

After I found the summary for Claudie's second book, I found more information on Kavi's book that will release in March and the WellieWishers collection!

The audiobook for Kavi's book will release on March 7, 2023. This make it seem like Kavi's book will release in March and she will come with something else. Perhaps a journal like the Truly Me dolls?

As for the WellieWishers, they are getting 2 new books this summer on June 6: A Fintastic Surprise and Ready to be Royal.

"Let's play Mermaids," Camille says one hot day. The WellieWishers imagine an underwater world full of colorful coral reefs and friendly sea creatures. When Camille and Willa discover a sunken ship, they have a great idea for surprising their friends. Then Camille comes up with an even bigger surprise! Will the others help her pull it off?"

"The Wellie Wishers castle has become a school for royalty! Camille is teaching the others how to curtsey with a crown, ride a unicorn, and make wishes come true. But being princes and princesses takes a bit of practice. Luckily the mistakes are magical, too!"

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