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New American Girl Nonfiction Books

On August 5, American Girl is set to release 2 new nonfiction books.

The first one is called ‘Love Your Look: Care and Keeping Advice for Girls’, which is a companion to ’The Care and Keeping of You’ series. It is written by Mary Richards Beaumont, who also wrote ‘The Hair Book’ and ‘According to Aggie’ for American Girl.

“You're right just the way you are, and you don't need anything to make you more beautiful. That doesn't mean, though, that hair and makeup aren't a fun way to show off your personal style. Inside this book, you'll find lots of ideas for using makeup, hair color, and nail polish to express exactly who you are. Follow the easy, step-by-step directions for hairstyles, makeup designs, and nail art to create a look that's all your own, as unique as you are!”

The second one is called ‘Let’s Celebrate! The Ultimate Party Guide for Girls’ and is written by ’American Girl Editors’ and illustrated by Mirelle Ortega, the illustrator of numerous chapter book series and a few picture books.

“This book is packed with everything girls need to know about being a perfect party host and gracious guest. From slumber parties to holiday parties to just-for-fun parties, she'll get step-by-step instructions for unique invitations and decorations, clever games, fun DIY projects, and delicious recipes for more than ten party themes!”

I‘d normally be predicting we’re getting a release soon, but that didn’t happen when American Girl released A Smart Girl’s Guide: Race and Inclusion in mid-June. So… if you like AG’s nonfiction books, get excited, but for those who like the dolls, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for new doll stuff.

P.S: Off-topic, but I haven’t seen any Amazon listings for the World by Us books yet. Maybe they’ve been delayed until 2022, or Amazon is just taking their time putting them up for pre-order. I hope they still come out in October: I really want to see what they look like!

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