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New American Girl World By Us Sneak Peeks!

In anticipation of the big reveal of the World By Us dolls soon, American Girl just posted THREE sneak peeks on social media, including a picture of the three new dolls, Makena, Evette and Maritza, holding hands!

This picture gives a nice sneak peek of some of the dolls' fashion: I like the orange dress.

LET LOVE WIN??? American Girl, you are doing great this year. First Kira, now this! Cue the fangirling.

Oh, World By Us girls, I can't wait to meet you three soon!

Unfortunately, my dad insists on waiting until Christmas for me to get the dolls. (Though it might be earlier because he is the worst at waiting until Christmas... he gave me a Rena Rouge figure that was supposed to be for Christmas for my diaversary in July.) However, I will get the books day one and put my reviews on AGDN!

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