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Peek At New American Girl Items and Fourth Truly Me Doll

Here's a peek at some new American Girl items for Valentine's Day and the fourth new Truly Me doll!

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I was just on the American Girl website and I think you should know that Just Like You 87, Just Like You 88, Just Like You 64, Just Like You 44 and Just Like You 25 are sold out, meaning they are probably retired now. All of the Just Like You dolls before 100 are on sale at 43% for $65. Loos like American Girl REALLY wants to get rid of ALL of the dolls released before 2022. Just Like You 71 and Just Like You 72 are at limited quantities so it is possible they will be retiring soon too. Grab the remaining ones while you still can...


The Fourth Truly Me doll's name is Rachel Hernandez


Oooh! She looks like she could be an updated 55! My favorite! ❤️


In the first image, I really love the dress. From the looks of it, it looks like the dress has golden floral designs on it. This new Truly Me doll has the classic mold. I wonder what her eye colors will be. It would probably be either brown, blue, green, or gray. I also like the small pink purse at the bottom right corner in the second image. It's perfect for Valentine's Day! 💘💕💖💗 The new headband with the pearls on top is also cute! There's tons of pink in these two images!



Any idea when the new items will be released? Valentines is not that far away.

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AG influencers on YouTube are saying Feb 1

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