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Six years ago, I was a innocent little eight year old girl. My only cares in the world were saving up for Isabelle and thinking about my birthday presents. I just came home from LA, where I got my first taste of wanting to become a director. But on this day six years ago, I did something that would change my life forever.

I created a blog: American Girl Doll News. Or American Girl Doll Play, as it was called back then.

I wouldn't have imagined that my blog would gain a following six years ago- same thing with my YouTube channel, which was also uploaded on for the first time six years ago today. I would've doubted that people would go on and say that I inspired them, that I'd sit next to blog readers at GOTY release parties and AG live musicals. And there was no way I'd believe that here, six years later, I'd be making a full-length movie with nothing but dolls: and that AGDN would still be going strong, fresh off the heels of it's most successful GOTY season yet. (11k views on New Year's Eve alone. You guys are the BEST!)

Now, I'm going to turn 15 in a few weeks. I'm in high school now, and a lot has changed over this past six years. I've had my ups and downs, but I know that American Girl and this blog have kept me happy all this time, and I won't stop blogging for a long time.

Thank you for six great years, and here's to at least six more!

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