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Sydney's Filming Diary Month 4: Filming A Movie In Quarantine...

The last time I did one of my monthly filming diaries for the Rebelle shoot, the world was much different. I actually wrote last month's diary at a restaurant, and people actually went out in public back then. But little did I know that in one month, the whole world would change. The day after I put out that diary entry was the last day I went to school before it closed. Everything's been closed. And pretty much every movie's release has been delayed. So how am I doing?

Actually, I've been doing good. Filming Rebelle (and editing parts too) has been keeping me from being really bored and stressed during the quarantine. I've still been bored and stressed at times, but filming has given me something to do- and it's made me happy! It's coming out so good and I can't wait for you guys to see the final product.

But this isn't the time for me to gush about other stuff, because that isn't the point. The point is: quarantine has changed some things about production, and that's what I'm gonna talk about!

The first major thing is how everyone is going to submit their lines has somehow changed. A few of my friends were going to come over to my house and record their lines, but they can't now. I also delayed the deadline for sending in lines by a few weeks, which will probably make for a more stressful editing process. But I'm combatting this by recording my lines early, so I can focus on getting everyone else's in!

The other major thing is that me and all my friends (even the ones not in the movie) were all going to have a big premiere party around a week before it released where we'd all watch it and eat stuff and be happy, but now with this whole quarantine situation, it might not happen. It kind of stinks considering this is my first feature-length movie and I wanted to have a premiere party, only for coronavirus to eat away at my chances. A few of my friends want me to delay the movie's release until we can party, but I'd rather not- I've had this release date since October and I don't want everyone to have to wait even longer just because of coronavirus despite the actual movie being finished. If everything's still closed, I'll probably stream the movie for my friends on one of those multiple people video call apps. If we're still in social isolation, but stuff has reopened, I'll probably just invite my friends who did voice acting for it. And if the American Girl store is open by June, you bet I'm going ahead with the huge party plan.

Another issue is that I was going to submit Rebelle to some film festivals in hopes of getting picked (which would be good for my film career as a whole), but they will most likely get canceled or something. But I found out that film festivals that have been cancelled have proceeded with their events online or just given out the awards without screenings, so I figured I'd just submit it to all the festivals I planned to like coronavirus doesn't exist.

Overall, quarantine has changed some things, but I'm just trying to adjust- like everyone else in the world. How are you doing in quarantine?

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