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The Olympics Is Postponed. Now What For AG?

Today, I was eating breakfast when my sister told me that the Olympics have been postponed. After I celebrated for a bit because that meant no anime delays*, something hit me.

American Girl was supposed to release their Olympic line this summer.

But they can't do that until next year now.

What will the summer release be now? Obviously, they'll have other things, but it will probably be smaller than usual since the Olympic collection is delayed. They'll probably release it in summer 2021, when the Olympics will most likely be held.

But will AG release other items to make up for it? The answer is probably no- the factories were closed for months because of the virus and they'd have to rush production of fall items. And besides, Courtney will be releasing in October and they'd want to release BeForever things at the same time.

What do you guys think AG's summer release will be now?

*-When Japan hosts sporting events, they always delay anime to show the sporting events. I can't even count how many times some rugby tournament delayed three different shows last year...

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