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The Rarest American Girl Dolls Of All Time

Sometimes, American Girl dolls are classified as rare when in reality, they aren't rare. So then, who's rare and who's not rare? This post will help you figure that out!

  1. Signed American Girl Dolls

The first 5000 Samantha, Kirsten and Molly dolls were signed by Pleasant Rowland, as well as the first 1000 Felicity dolls and the first 500 Addy dolls. All of these dolls are extremely rare.

2. Rare Truly Me dolls

Several Truly Me dolls were only produced for a few years and then discontinued. These include:

  • Just Like You 1

  • Just Like You 4

  • Just Like You 6 (original)

  • Just Like You 9

  • Just Like You 10

  • Just Like You 11

  • Just Like You 15

  • Just Like You 18

  • Just Like You 19 (original)

  • Just Like You 20

  • Just Like You 36

  • Just Like You 45

  • Just Like You 48

  • Just Like You 50

  • Just Like You 83

  • Just Like You 86

Just Like You 4 is also rare due to her unique face mold.

3. Several Girls of the Year

Girl of the Year dolls were only produced in mass for one year, but there are a few more rare than others:

  • Lindsey Bergman- 2001

  • Kailey Hopkins- 2003

  • Sonali Matthews- 2009 (best friend)

  • Kanani Akina- 2011

4. Holiday Collector Doll 2019

Only 3 Holiday Collector dolls were released and went for $5000. The doll was a reproduction of Marisol Luna, but is notable for being 14 years after her.

5. Historical Characters

The rarest and shortest lived historical characters include:

  • Nellie O'Malley

  • Cecile Rey

  • Marie-Grace Gardner

  • Caroline Abbott

Who's your rarest American Girl doll?

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