The Return of Molly McIntire? New Molly Book Appears on Amazon

Last month on Molly's birthday, American Girl teased that Molly had "big summer plans". Now we have a better idea of what those summer plans are... American Girl put an abridged version of Molly's first book for sale on Amazon.

"Molly McIntire is growing up while the world is at war. She desperately misses her dad, who is in England helping wounded soldiers. Her mom is busy volunteering at the Red Cross, and everyone is focused on working to win the war. Toys, treats, and holiday surprises are scarce -- but Molly's imagination can't be rationed. She brings her friends together for the school's Lend-a-Hand contest, and she makes Christmas memorable for her family. With hope in her heart and pride in her country, Molly makes a difference on the home front. This book is richly illustrated in full color and includes a peek into Molly's 1940s world."

I think Molly's coming back... what do you all think?

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