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Truly Me 117 and Marie-Grace Gardner Comparison

I was asked to compare my Truly Me 117, MJ, with Marie-Grace Gardner because MJ and Marie-Grace share something in common: their face mold! Marie-Grace's mold was only used on her up until the Truly Me release 2 weeks ago, when three new dolls- 115, 116 and 117- were released with the Marie-Grace mold over eight years after Marie-Grace's retirement. In addition, 117 has the medium skin tone, which wasn't used on a Marie-Grace face mold until her.

To me, the faces look almost the same aside from the skin tone, but MJ's eyes are bigger than Marie-Grace's. To confirm this, I got my Corinne doll, who was confirmed to have larger eyes than a normal AG, and compared them to MJ's. Despite the different eye shape that comes with Corinne's mold, I was able to tell that their eyes were the same size. FYI, eyeswappers- get bigger eyes if you want to eye swap 115, 116 or 117!

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