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Welcome to American Girl Doll News!

I realized I never really made an introduction post for this blog, so I decided to make one now since I had nothing else to post.

Welcome to American Girl Doll News! My name is Sydney, and I'm a 15 year old aspiring director/filmmaker, entrepreneur, professional Miraculous Ladybug nerd and anime fan. But the most important thing about me is that I love love LOVE AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS! I have 133 American Girl dolls- every doll ever made* plus a few custom dolls, and I enjoy collecting them, making videos and films with them, learning every fact I can about them- and of course, blogging about them!

I started this blog when I was almost nine and used to post AG doll leaks until 2017, but now I post all sorts of news about AG! I post about new and upcoming products, news about AG, sales, and other fun things all about American Girl. Each week, I feature a up-and-coming AGTuber on 'Small AGTuber Saturday', feature a different doll as the 'Doll of the Week', and I always post when it's a doll's birthday too! I also sometimes post things about my own collection and projects I'm working on with my dolls.

Besides the blog, there's also other fun features you can explore on American Girl Doll News (or AGDN for short). There's an AG Club where you can talk to others who like AG as much as you, you can play games and puzzles and find an AG store near you. Also, you can always email me if you need a doll identified!

I hope you all have fun on this site!

*I'm missing one, but I ordered her, but she's backordered.

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