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What American Girl Truly Me Sets Are Retiring Soon? (Fall 2022)

Usually, American Girl Truly Me outfits and accessories have a lifetime of two years before they retire. I've been an American Girl fan for almost nine years now, and from what I've observed, that's how it works.

The Truly Me line is rumored to get a new meet outfit in Fall 2022, so I decided to look and see what sets are 2 years old or more to see what you should buy if you want them before they retire.

  • Explore More Travel Outfit

  • Explore More Luggage Set

  • Explore the Parks Outfit

  • Student Council Election Outfit

  • Be Creative Outfit

  • Make Some Music Outfit

  • Let's Sleep Over Pajamas

  • Yog-Ahh Outfit

  • Western Chic Outfit

  • Color Change Highlights Styling Set

  • Ballet Practice Accessories

  • Explore the Parks Accessories

  • Student Council Election Set

  • Chinese Takeout Set

  • Spaghetti Dinner Set

  • Double the Fun Sleepover Set

  • Don't Forget to Brush Set

  • Teatime Table and Chairs Set

By the way, this isn't official. This is just my guesses based on what has typically happened with AG releases in my near decade of collecting.

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Jun 15, 2022

I feel like lately, American girl has been slowly decreasing their dolls. When I go to their website, there are a lot of dolls gone and some are limited quantities. I know it's those never-lasting sales and the rumoured new meet outfit that they're disappearing, but is that the only case they're going "bye-bye"?


If we do get new outfits I hope they at least look decent like the old girl of today and just like you outfits because the recent truly me outfits are not bad but definitely lack detail and quality if they are aiming these dolls and accessories to young children at least teach the kids what good quality is like and maybe people with appreciate American girl as a company more

Replying to

Agreed, especially because dolls are more expensive now than ever before.

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