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What Happened To AGDN? An Explanation

Yesterday, for the first time in almost four years, I changed how my site works.

I didn't feel like doing this, but the company that I use to make AGDN's 'old blog' format was becoming obsolete. It would end all support for it in 2020, and I didn't want my blog to go away then. So, I had to change over to their new blog design.

Sadly, there's no archives, but you can search the blog using the spacebar for things you are interested in- for example, if you want to look at posts about Luciana, just type in "Luciana". Additionally, I am going to organize posts in categories about trending topics, like Joss and Courtney, so you can just click on the category and read every post about the doll.

You now can comment via your American Girl Club account... if you don't have one, just sign up on the top left corner of the site for desktop (and you can log in that way too). (For mobile, you can just login from the comments !). You can go to the post you want to read like normal, and then just comment once you're logged in.

Overall, I think this is pretty good because it links the AGDN site and American Girl club and makes it easier to load on mobile. By next year, I bet you guys the new layout will be just second nature to you guys!

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