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What's Left of Corinne Tan's Collection?

With much of Corinne Tan's collection being on sale, and with her sister Gwynn being completely sold out, these items are the only things left from her collection:

  • Corinne doll and book

  • Corinne's Accessories

  • Corinne's Dog

  • Corinne and Gwynn's Bedroom Set

  • Gwynn's Powder Pink Pajamas

  • Gwynn's Accessories

  • Gwynn's Ice Skating Performance Outfit

  • Corinne's Ski & Snack Shop

  • Corinne's Camping Outfit

  • Corinne's Camping Accessories

  • Corinne book series

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Dec 29, 2023

Actually I think maybe in a few months Corinne will officially retire. Maybe around February.

Replying to

Yes, that too.


That still a lot of stuff, especially as it’s on sale. Plus I see a lot of people that have Corinne and Gwen. I bet in a week or 2 it’ll all be sold out.

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