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What Would An American Girl Doll Movie Be Like?

After endless delays, the first production from Mattel Films, a live-action Barbie-themed movie starring Margot Robbie, is about to hit movie theaters in just a few more months. The full trailer just came out, so after watching it, I wondered: what would a big-budget American Girl theatrical movie like Barbie's new movie be like?

The new Barbie movie is taking a more unexpected and avant-garde look into the life of a Barbie doll who lives in her own world, but is forced to visit the real human world. However, there's one problem for taking that approach for American Girl: the dolls have their own book characters. They don't know they're dolls. There are several existential issues that need to be introduced in the lore, if we take Molly being a mere character in Courtney's world and Isabel and Nicki having American Girl of Today merch for granted. American Girl has gotten around this issue before with movies about one character, but if American Girl wanted to make an theatrical movie, I feel like making a movie about multiple dolls would work better.

I came up with a concept with one last year while watching the Mattel investor presentation of 2022. It's similar to the concept American Girl used with the American Girl Live show, with dolls coming to life at a American Girl-themed summer camp. However, I feel like if a real girl went to her dolls's world, and traveled through each doll world of the original American Girl dolls, such as Samantha, Kirsten, Molly, Felicity, Addy, Josefina, Kit and Kaya, it would be easier to pull off than the dolls going to the real world. Heck, maybe there could be an epic team up scene at the end of the movie where the dolls meet up!

Anyway, I feel like whatever concept AG wants to inevitably go with, I want to be involved with the American Girl movie. I can write it, direct it, or both, but the point is, I don't think there's another filmmaker in the industry that loves AG as much as I do!

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