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Why Did AG Skip All Those Numbers? My Theory

There are a lot of theories around about why AG skipped numbers #83-#85 and #87 and just released #86 and #88 on Monday. Whether it was the coronavirus or the quality downgrade, something was sure to be behind the big jump. But after overthinking it, I think I finally have an answer.

The dolls were probably designed around 2017-18 if they were released now. At this time, Katy Dickson was still AG's CEO, and because of that, AG was running a bit differently than it had been before. (Fun fact: Katy Dickson now works at some drug company. Weird.) Anyways, they had some other Truly Me dolls in the works- 'normal' ones, per say. And then- there was #86 and #88, with their colored hair.

Once Jamie Cygielman took over, she probably noticed that 86 and 88 stood out from the crowd of other new Truly Me designs, and decided that they'd be released first. But there was one problem- the numbers were already attached to the dolls with the packaging and stuff like that, and there was no way they could change them to be in the right order. So, #86 and #88 were released first!

What do you think happened?

P.S: Sorry for no posts in the last 2 days, things have been getting crazy in my movie shoot so between that and school, I have barely any time to blog! Oops...

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