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Will Girl of the Year 2023 Kavi Sharma Get A Movie??

I know, I know, we still haven't gotten the Corinne movie. But I was just wondering, thinking about something- will Kavi get a movie?

Back when HBO Max first greenlit Corinne's movie, a second American Girl special set for release in 2023 was greenlit as well. We can assume this was for Kavi due to the release date, but now that we can also assume Corinne's movie was put into distribution limbo due to HBO Max content cutbacks, does this mean that we're getting a Kavi movie eventually when American Girl finds a distributor for Corinne's movie?

I think a Kavi movie would be awesome and a huge hit for American Girl, especially considering Kavi is into performing arts and they can also sell a soundtrack for the movie too! But of course, we have to cross the bridge of actually finding out when we can see the Corinne movie before we get to the possibility of a Kavi movie.

By the way- does anyone know any Indian-American actresses who could play Kavi?

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