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Will GOTY 2023 Kavi Sharma Have A New Face Mold?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Joss. Makena. Corinne. Claudie. In just three years, American Girl has debuted four brand new face molds for their dolls, especially dolls with unique features. Joss was American Girl's first Girl of the Year doll with a hearing aid, Corinne was the first Chinese American Girl of the Year and the first Girl of the Year of fully Asian descent, and Makena and Claudie added to American Girl's African American representation, which only used 2 molds before they came along.

This had me wondering: what face mold will the rumored Girl of the Year 2023, Kavi Sharma, use? I originally considered the Sonali mold for her, as it was first used on Sonali, who is the only other doll of South Asian doll American Girl has released. However, a few more molds have been put into consideration, so I figured I'd talk about them too!

If it's not the Sonali mold, American Girl will probably go with a new mold, considering the pattern I'd mentioned. Looking from the newer molds in recent years, this mold will probably have bigger eyes and a mixture of features from different molds. I'd be fascinated if this new mold was a combination of Sonali and Joss's... wait, why Joss?

With the release of Maritza Ochoa and Truly Me 122, American Girl has shown that they are willing to use different skin tones on the Joss mold, as well as representing different cultures with it, since Maritza is of Latina descent while Joss isn't. But what truly made me think that Joss's mold was a possibility was this photo on the AG website featuring Truly Me 122 in the Diwali outfit from the Cultural Celebrations line:

#122 is second from the left, and she looks really good in the outfit... but maybe it was a hint to what Kavi's face mold would be, who knows...

What are you guys thinking? Would you want Kavi to be a Sonali mold, a Joss mold, or have her own face mold? Let me know in the comments!

Bonus question: do you think AG will go with a medium skin like 122 or a darker skin tone like Sonali?

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