World By Us Book Spotted on Library of Congress!

Updated: Apr 8

A day after I lamented that I had nothing to post, I heard some good news... a World by Us book was spotted on the Library of Congress catalog!

It is titled Evette: The River and Me, and will be released in 2021. It is written by Sharon Dennis Wyeth and illustrated by Olivia Duchess.

Sharon is an African-American writer who writes about African-Americans, so it can be assumed that Evette is going to be the Black lead character of the World by Us line that American Girl confirmed. Olivia also draws African-American and Black characters, so that's double the confirmation.

Are you excited that Evette Peeters is the main character of the World By Us line? I thought it was going to be Makena Williams, but my guess was way off. I'm so excited to see what Evette brings to the table!