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What Does Beth Want For Her Birthday?


Below is Beth. Beth is a good doll. Today is Beth's birthday. There is only one thing Beth wants for her birthday and she asked me to share it with you guys. (Or I asked myself to share it with you guys, because dolls can't talk.)

Beth (or, me, because dolls can't write or talk) wrote this:

To Sydney's Loyal Followers,

There is tons of things I could've asked for for my birthday. I could've asked for a new pair of ice skates, or a new pair of roller skates. I could've asked for my flowers to grow faster (they take eons to grow). I even could've asked for one million dollars or a dress! But, there is only one thing on my list.


So, please, guys, click that "SAVE ADDY!" button at the top.

If we get to 50 signatures by tomorrow, then Sydney will pick me to bring to her Sunday errands. And I always get beaten out by the other 29 dolls.





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