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My Reviews: Movies- ZOOTOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, guys! Since my views are decreasing, I thought this would be a perfect time to post my review of Disney Animation's 55th and newest movie, Zootopia!

Movie: Zootopia

Rating: 10 shining stars!

I have been waiting for this movie for a couple of months now. But, here's my scale of wanting to go see it:

Teaser trailer: This looks boring.

Sloth trailer: That was funny! I might actually see this.

Official trailer: YES. OF COURSE I'M SEEING THIS.

I went to the movie theater on Good Friday and it exceeded my expectations for a good movie. Eight days later, I saw it again. When someone uploaded it to YouTube, I watched it 3 times before Disney took it down the next day. And now, I'm sitting on pins and needles for the Apple TV release.

First, we have a list of coming attractions, if your good old movie theater still has Zootopia.

1- The Secret Life Of Pets- It was funny and reminded me of my puppy Snickerdoodle and how she sits on chairs when nobody's looking. I will see it.

2- A Message From The Hatchlings Of Angry Birds- I liked how the hatchlings fought about if the Easter Bunny was a boy or a girl. Oh, ancient mysteries of life. I will not see the Angry Birds Movie because I grew out of that game like, four years ago.

3- Storks- I liked the babies, but the movie in general looked boring. I won't see it. And nothing will change my mind. It's made by the people who made The Lego Movie, the worst movie ever, so it will stink.

4-The Jungle Book- Again, looked boring. I'd much rather go to my local nature trail (aka Photographer Paradise for all of you MMCAD fans) than see it.

5-Finding Dory- I liked EVERYTHING! I have been waiting to see it ever since Disney announced it three years ago, and it's almost here! OF COURSE I'M SEEING IT!

6- Just a random commercial for my local movie theater's rewards program.


Now, to THE ACTUAL MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved: Judy and Nick! I loved Judy because even though there was never been a bunny cop before, she didn't let anything stop her, just like I do to become a director one day. And I loved Nick because he was funny. I also loved the fox Nick does business with (they never said his name), especially in the elephant costume.

Liked: I liked the sloths. A lot. Because they were funny.

Eh: This was not a part of the movie, but the disinformed parents who took 3 year olds to a PG rated movie! This is the reason why you don't rate movies like Frozen PG, people. The first time I went, I noticed at least 5 toddlers leaving the movie early and 1 toddler who made it to the end screaming and crying in the parking lot.

Didn't like: Nothing

Strongly disliked: Nothing

In conclusion: Drop everything and go see this movie. Unless you are under the age of 8 years old.

P,S: It's Me My Camera and Diabetes Tuesday!

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