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Contest: Imagine GOTY 2017!

OK, I know that GOTY 2017's Tenney Grant. I know that she's of color. But, let's pretend that these boundaries didn't exist.

Welcome to the first ever Imagine GOTY contest! I had a contest similar to this one in September, but someone performed the Infamous Polldaddy Hack and ruined everything. I'm not on Wordpress anymore, so I could do the same thing if I wanted, but I'm switching up the rules a bit. The rules are:

Send in a entry of what YOU think GOTY 2017's going to look like and her story. You can submit by clicking on my Contest page. I will be accepting entries from NOW until when Tenney's book descriptions leak. I will announce the winners on January 1st, 2017!

P.S: This won't be based on how much I like them. It will be based on the CLOSEST GUESS to her looks and story.

And now, everyone's favorite part- PRIZES!

Top 10- One like on YouTube or Instagram.

Top 5- A American Girl e-Card.

3rd Place- A additional like on Youtube or Instagram, and a comment

2nd Place- 3rd place prize PLUS another American Girl e-Card

Grand Prize Winner- 2nd place prize PLUS a subscribe on YouTube or a follow on Instagram and a spam on YouTube or Instagram

If you guys don't have a YouTube, Instagram or e-mail, I will be giving you a gift on American Girl World instead!

Now, go have fun!

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