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New Release!

Here's the breakdown:


Nothing. "Here comes the waterworks!" (if you know what movie that quote is from I love you, spoiler it's Zootopia)

Girl Of The Year: Lea

Lea's Celebration Dress- $34

I love this outfit, and is therefore the best special occasion dress in the history of GOTYs. (Sorry, Saige.)

Lea's Beach Picnic Set- $34

I would buy this set just for the pineapple (my sister stole it's twin from me a long time ago), but the rest of the set is eh. I'll wait for a sale or a PWP.

Truly Me

Stars And Stripes Set- $34

I like how the leotard and swim set are bundled together! Maybe for Christmas.

Spirit Squad Outfit- $28

It looks bad quality. On my Never Ever list.

And, that's it for the doll stuff! I can't wait to get Lea's new dress!

What are you getting?

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